Importance of Rehabilitation after microfracture

Microfracture success depends not only on the operation but rehabilitation as well.






Perioperative Rehabiliation for ACI


Rehabilitation after cartilage injury or cartilage repair surgery

Rehabilitation after articular cartilage injury or surgery is widely recognised as being critical to long-term outcome. Find out more info here.

Current Concepts in ACI Rehabilitation

The authors review current clinical practice and present an overview of the principles behind ACI rehabilitation practices. read more



Cycling for Knee Rehabilitation

Many knee rehabilitation protocols include cycling so why is this exercise modality so popular for knee rehabilitation? read more



Indoor Rowing for Rehabilitation

Have you ever considered using an indoor rowing machine as a rehabilitation tool? read more




New England Journal of Medicine

Treatment of Deep Cartilage Defects in the Knee with ACT. Brittberg et al. (1994) Full Access


Meniscal Repair Rehabilitation

The Meniscus: Review of Basic Principles With Application to Surgery and Rehabilitation..



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