Quads Strength & OA Progression

Does quadriceps strength have an influence on OA progression in malaligned and lax knees.

Can we reduce disease burden from osteoarthritis?

There is a wide range of options for managing OA. In this article a variety of OA interventions are considered.

1st World Congress on Sports Injury Prevention, Oslo Norway 2005

Visit this site for access to presentations from selected sessions from this first sports injury prevention congress.



  • Meniscus: Injury & Prevention
  • Tissue Adaptation
  • Santa Monica PEP Program
  • BMI Calculator

  • Cartilage Injury Prevention

    The prevention of cartilage injuries and their progression is an increasingly hot topic in orthopaedic medicine.


    Hip Instability
    Is there a link between hip muscle control and vasti neuromotor control

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    Glucosamine & Chondroitin
    Can they help to slow cartilage degeneration?

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